WELLhood Publishing

WELLhood Publishing is a WELLness neighborhood, where people can learn how to be WELL by changing the narrative literally and figuratively. 

We hope you find WELLness in the WELLhood Community!

The Vision

To share resources and other authors that are providing wellness and thoughtful expertise, to improve the quality of life of others through books and webinars.

The Mission

To share our experience of being an independent publisher and help other authors with the process and space to host and collaborate with other authors and consumers. 

The Goal

To provide a network of authors and consumers in a WELLness neighborhood where people can learn how to be WELL by changing the narrative literally and figuratively.

For Authors

WELLhood publishing is a unique option for your publishing needs as you are in charge of your book and materials, but the publishing book site is shared with other authors who use the WELLhood Publishing logo. 

We're providing a shared site as another avenue to connect to readers who may be interested in your book and other authors in the shared WELLhood community. 

WELLhood publishing allows links to programs, courses, and webinars linked to your wellness topic.*

*Authors pay a monthly/yearly fee to have their book available on the website that will link directly to you and your sales when a buy option is selected. You have the opportunity to network with other independent publishers. You will be provided resources to help lighten your research load on the steps of writing a book so that you can concentrate more on your book and your author website.