EBook: MedStrong: Shed Your Meds for a Better, Healthier You
EBook: MedStrong: Shed Your Meds for a Better, Healthier You

EBook: MedStrong: Shed Your Meds for a Better, Healthier You

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Medications, all too often, are continued needlessly, especially as we age. People fall, are hospitalized or injured in traffic accidents, deal with side effects knowingly or unknowingly, or place the blame of an ailment on age. Instead, we can change this narrative by reviewing and deprescribing medications after benefit wanes and before harm occurs.

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Since the beginning of time, humans have sought relief from ailment in plants, herbs, and chemicals. The earliest forms of
medicine extracted from plants was morphine, for pain.

As a pharmacist and because my main focus is deprescribing, I am a self-proclaimed “antipharmacist” where I approach every problem believing a medication is a cause, working to limit medication use whenever possible. Using this philosophy throughout my pharmacy career, I established Medication Managers, LLC, a consulting practice that serves nursing facilities and long-term care pharmacy clients across the country, and later became the executive director and chief executive officer of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacist (ASCP) and the ASCP Foundation. At ASCP, we use a patient-focused approach, driven by deprescribing. We strive to make sure individuals are on the least amount of needed medications, and for most that means eliminating unneeded medication.


Have you ever wondered if you’re taking too many medications and for too long? Do you ever stop to ask if they are all still necessary? Or to consider whether stopping a medication, even one you have taken for years, might make you feel better?



Donna Bartlett, PharmD, BCGP

Dr. Donna Bartlett is a Board-Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) licensed in Massachusetts. She has 20 years of experience in retail pharmacy, over 10 years of experience in outreach programming specializing in older adult’s medication needs, affordability, and prescription coverage including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance coverages.


What People Are Saying


"The deprescribing information in this book is so helpful!…My practice will definitely benefit!”

Denise Egan

NP-Gerontology, Book Reviewer


“After the first question, I certainly wanted to read more….This book is empowering!”

Debbie W.

Book Reviewer, Healthcare Consumer, and Caregiver


“Finally, an honest, comprehensive, and understandable treatise on a subject long overdue.”

Karen McKenzie

Senior Health and Fitness SpecialistHost of TV talk show “Seniors on the Move


“Polypharmacy can have a significant negative impact on quality of life for patients. MedStrong provides insights into medication assessment and deprescribing that can help patients and caregivers navigate a complex process.”

Jennifer Urso

Vice President Pharmacy Services-Guardian HealthcareASCP Foundation, Trustee-at-large


“MedStrong has been a game changer for my father. Because of this book, his med list went down from 16 to 12, with the supervision of his doctor. My father feels great!”

Debbie Lyn Toomey, MSN, RN

Injury Prevention Coordinator-Division of Trauma and AcuteCare Surgery & Author of The Happiness Result


“Dr. Bartlett, has taken a very common health challenge and authored a resource that can be used by healthcare professionals to stop OVER-MEDICATING AMERICA! This practical resource should be required reading in medical and pharmacy schools.”

Jessica Dodd, PharmD, MS

Founder/CEO Your Pharmacy Advocate and Executive Editor at PharmaSis Magazine